Scented Candle for Home, Sage & Bergamots ,Candle, 50 H Long Lasting, Soy Candle, Cleansing, Gift Box, 8.3oz

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About this item

  • TRANQUIL ATMOSPHERE CREATOR - Immerse in tranquility with our sage and bergamot essential oil fusion! It's not just fragrance; it's your personal serene heaven creator, enveloping your space in calming melodies and elevating vibrations!
  • OASIS OF TRANQUILITY - Elevate your home to a serene escape! The refreshing allure of bergamot meets the revitalizing essence of sage for a harmonious symphony, transforming every moment into a tranquil sanctuary. ADD TO CART now.
  • NEGATIVE ENERGY CLEANSER - Experience unparalleled purification! It's not just a sage candle; it's your guardian against negativity, turning every corner of your home into a rejuvenated, vibrant sanctuary of positivity and peace!
  • ECO-LUXURY INDULGENCE - Indulge guilt-free in green luxury! Naturix isn't just eco-friendly; it's a sustainable masterpiece, a non-toxic soy symphony, standing out as a beacon of environmental elegance in a world of the ordinary!
  • GIFT OF SERENITY - Naturix is more than a gift; it's a ticket to an aromatic utopia, a thoughtful gesture wrapped in elegance, inviting your loved ones into a world of serene harmony and fragrant bliss!