Premium Loofah Bath Sponge Shower Scrubber Body Wash Pouf Exfoliating(Set of 3, Grey)

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About this item

  • Perfect Design: iTXE upgraded bath sponges adopt improved knotting technologies and premium raw materials in suitable size and weight for everyone. iTXE Loofah is very durable and soft making you have a good bathing experience after work.
  • Copious Lather: These shower sponges generate a lot of suds and provide good coverage during showering. iTXE loofah sponges body scrubbers are not too loose and not too tight, they have a soft smooth feel but work up a lather very well.
  • Easy to Use: Each one has a ribbon wrist strap that is perfect for hanging the puff to dry, which doesn’t get gross or slimy.You hold the bath sponges luffa tightly by the ribbon during bathing to wash your body freely.
  • Premium Material: These bath spognes have no any pungent smell due to they adopt the high quality environmental raw materials, which bring you a real comfortable bathing.
  • Why to Choose Us: We provide 24-hour service everyday for shower scrubber exfoliating essential . QUALITY IS EVERYTHING is our motto, and we also continously improve our quality.