Large Scented Candle, Sandalwood & White Musk, 30oz 3 Wick Huge

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  • 【All-natural Soy Candles with Slow Burn Tech】scented candles selects all-natural materials with 100% soy wax and high-quality cotton wick. Serene Collection large candle adopts ‘Slow Burn' technology, which ensures a long lasting burning time up to 65hrs.
  • 【Specially Designed for Big House】30oz giant candle in large glass jar is the best choice for large space. It is suitable for kitchen, bedroom and living room. It also works well to neutralize the nasty smell in laundry room and basement.
  • 【Give the Best Scent Throw】Extra-large 3 wick candles provide the best cold and hot scent throws with accurate amount of fragrance oil. More than 10 candle flavours offer you a luxury selection to infuse a unique olfactory charm to your home.
  • 【More Than Big】The health and safety of you and your family are our top priority. Hidden Label insists high quality heat-resistant jar for Serene candles to withstand very high temperature, which effectively prevents thermal shock and cracking.
  • 【Avoid Tunneling】Oversized candle is well-designed to melt a large enough area of wax, which ensures the pool of melted wax reaches the edges quickly to avoid tunneling, keep clean burn and reduce waste.