Candle Making Kit With Electronic Hot Plate,Candle Making Tools Supplies for Melting Wax,Including Melting Pot , Wax Melter hot Plate,1lb Soy Wax,Stain Spoon,Cotton Wicks,center devices,Wick Stickers

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About this item

  • 【PACKAGE INCLUDES】 1* 304 stainless steel pouring pot, 1* electronic hot plate,1*stainless steel spoon,2*8oz candle tins,1lb soy wax,2*stainless steel centering devices,20* candle sticker, 20pcs cotton candle wicks.
  • 【Electric Hot Plate and Soy Wax】 The candle making kit is equipped with an electric hot plate with 5 gear heating modes. easy to control the temperature.500 watts of power, faster heating,The third gear is recommended to prevent the temperature from being too high, Illuminated power indicator lets you know if your burner is on or ready to use. The power indicator lights up when heating, and turns off when the desired temperature is reached
  • 【Candle Melting Pot】This candle making pouring pot size is: 5.2inch*4inch*4.2inch. It can hold 32oz/900ml of molten wax. This double-pot melting wax pot is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, with strong Anti-rust, high temperature and corrosion resistance. There is no dripping at the pouring mouth, which controls the flow and prevents leakage.Soy wax is all natural, without any health hazards.
  • 【Multiple Uses】 The electric heating plate can not only melt the wax to make candles, but also make coffee, tea, lipstick, etc. with the electric stove. It is small and easy to carry. The electric heating plate only supports the American standard 110V voltage. To prevent product damage, please do not connect other non-standard voltages
  • 【Reminder】 In order to prevent rust, the surface is covered with a protective film, so a small amount of smoke will be generated when it is used for the first time. this is normal phenomenon. Smoke is non-toxic and harmless. Don't worry; when heating, do not touch the surface of the heating plate, but put your hand on the top of the electric furnace to feel the temperature; when the electric furnace is not in use, adjust the switch to 0, and store it after the temperature dissipates.